The Practical Creative

Creature performer and artist Jeremiah Krage on the many challenges of bringing non-human characters to life

November 4, 2019

In this episode, the tables have been turned, and I am on the other side of the microphone!

In the last series of the podcast, I interviewed Magnus Goransson, Design Director at LEGO’s Creative Play Lab. After our conversation, Magnus reached out and offered to interview me in return – specifically about my performance work.

One of my many roles as a creative is being a creature performer. I trained as an actor and I specialise in bringing non-human characters to life. One of the most well-known of these was Tinky Winky from Teletubbies. And as you’ll hear, this struck a chord with Magnus, who was intrigued to know more.

Some of the topics we cover in our conversation include:

- how I discovered the world of creature performance

- my early training and how it continues to influence my work today

- how that training overlaps with how designers work

- how I use physical constraints to inform the creative process

- we talk about some of the unique challenges of this line of work

- and we compare notes on a few practical tips for creatives


Please enjoy this slightly different episode of The Practical Creative!

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