The Practical Creative

Profit isn’t everything: gallerist Mike Goldmark on running a creative business that reflects your core values.

September 16, 2018

Mike runs the Goldmark Art Gallery, a fascinating space that sells work to collectors around the world. But this is, by no means, your traditional art gallery. Mike has a unique approach to sales, marketing and promotion (which we get into), but he has also made the bold decision to sell functional pottery alongside fine-art.

In our conversation, we get into:

- why Mike invests thousands of pounds to great stunning videos about the artists he represents (and I encourage you to check them out, they are truly beautiful)

- why he’s chosen to sell functional craft items alongside fine art and how that works practically

- why he’s NOT out to maximise profit

- Mike’s personal connection to pots made by great potters (and honestly, it’s worth listening to this episode for that alone)

- his belief in the transformative power of great art

- and why most creative people should keep their day jobs

Mike is a true iconoclast, with strong views and opinions formed over 50 years of building and running his business on his own terms. Goldmark Art is a testament to his clear vision and unapologetic views on what it means to be an artist and to sell art, and they are a great challenge to us all.