The Practical Creative

NFTs: What‘s in it for artists

December 7, 2021

In this episode, I’m sharing a broad overview of NFTs specifically from an artist’s perspective. I’ve been exploring the space for a few months now, and the learning curve has been both steep and exciting. My aim is to answer some common questions, challenge a few assumptions, and ultimately give you enough information start exploring the space yourself.

Some of the questions I’ll be exploring include:

  • Why engage with art NFT’s in the first place?
  • Isn’t the space only for digital art? How is this relevant to those of us who work with physical materials?
  • And what about the environmental costs, scammers, and flippers?

Personally, I believe that this technology is creating revolutionary opportunities for artists including;

  • Changing how artists get paid, including life-long royalties
  • Fostering a new culture of artists and collectors
  • Building new audiences for art

And a host of other benefits that I’ll dig into as we go. So let’s dive in!

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