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How being a quiet person can be a strength in marketing: coach Pete Mosley on being brave and promoting your work with confidence.

September 23, 2018

Pete is a writer, coach and speaker. He’s also the author of the book “The Art of Shouting Quietly; A guide to self promotion for introverts and other quiet souls” which is aimed at brilliant people out there who have fabulous products and services but who struggle to promote themselves through shyness, introversion, or a mistrust of the marketing process.

In this conversation, we cover a number of topics from the book and Pete’s wider experience of coaching quiet people in communicating the value of their work. These include:

- practical strategies for identifying your own key values (and we also cover why this is so important)

- how quietness can be a strength – even in marketing!

- how to find and use the voices of others to help promote your work

- practical steps you can take to protect yourself from plagiarism when sharing your work online

- and ways to think about and build confidence

Pete’s gentle and considered approach offers an inspiring alternative to anyone who’s uncomfortable with the idea of selling and promoting their work.